Production and registration of medical devices in liquid form. Development of biopolymer compositions

Sigma Laboratories is a research and development company whose mission is to develop, prototype and launch mass production of medical devices in liquid form based on biopolymers. Our area is equipped with advanced equipment for the preparation, filling, sealing, sterilization and packaging of your products in accordance with GMP and ISO 13485 standards. Our activities are based on continuous improvement of production technology, therefore the final quality of the product.

All production is carried out in cleanroom conditions that comply with the ISO 5, 7 cleanliness standard. The equipment has been validated. The staff has specialized professional education. We manufacture implantable medical products for various fields such as general surgery, arthrology, oncology, urology, and aesthetic medicine.

We carry out a thorough quality control at all stages of the medical devices production, using both visual and laboratory diagnostic methods.

Our advantages

No significant investment

We will help you to achieve your goals without large investments at the initial stage of cooperation. We’ll turn the idea into a product right now


We carefully select employees for our team. Experienced specialists of our company are able to cover a wide range of tasks facing you

Quick start

Modern production and an optimized technological process will allow you to receive the first batch of an order in the shortest possible time

Already implemented quality management system

Certified quality management system according to ISO 13485. Compulsory quality control at all stages of production, from raw materials to the final product

Ready-made solutions

We have the opportunity to offer you a product from a portfolio of ready-made solutions and developments


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