We launched the production of personal protective equipment, namely: medical masks and respirators, in order to fill their shortage that arose at the beginning of the pandemic and to ensure the safety of everyone. All production is organized in controlled environment clean rooms according to ISO7 / 8 cleanliness class. The production has an international quality management system ISO 13485. A strict 3-stage quality control is carried out: incoming raw materials, linear control in production and control of outgoing raw materials, which allows our customers to be sure in the quality of the received products.

Today the company produces the following types of products:

Today the company produces respirators of two types: N95 / FFP2 standard and N99 / FFP3 standard. Both are recommended for respiratory protection from dust, smoke, microbes and viruses, they are certified and recommended for use, including doctors.
Respirator N95/FFP2

protection class

More effective
than any medical mask at least 30%
of particles 95%
Respirator N99/FFP3

protection class

up to 2 mkm
of particles 99%
Period of use

8 hours


2 hours

These respirators are made of 5 layers of specialized materials, which provides almost complete protection from germs, viruses and dust.
Masks are also produced in two types: with a meltblown filtering layer or from SMS (spunbond / meltblown / spunbond). Both types are three-layer - spunbond-filtering layer-spunbond. What's the difference?

is a fine-grained mesh made of polypropylene threads that traps any, even the smallest, bacteria. The thickness of the polypropylene fibers ranges from 0.01 to 0.2 dtex. A mask with such material filters out 95% of bacteria and viruses.


is a composite material made of several layers of spunbond and meltblown. When using this material as a filter layer, the level of bacterial filtration of the mask will be slightly lower - 90%.

These medical devices are registered with Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare, have a registration certificate and are put on the market.

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