Why Care

Our team has always been aware of the responsibility entrusted to us. Developing and discovering new activity areas, we realized that one of our most important tasks is to take care.
Take care of customers and their consumers
– doctors and patients who use our products. To meet their needs and keep them safe, we must ensure the highest quality standards in absolutely everything we do.
Take care of our employees
It is important for us to organize a work environment where everyone is valued as a person; it is important for our employees to know how important their work is and to feel confidence in the future.
Take care of the well-being of society as a whole
We are developing to help people maintain their health. Sigma team supports good undertakings and charity events. Our goal is to improve the  living standards.
During a pandemic, this task has become more than just important for us. It has become paramount. We had to contribute to the fight against COVID-19. And our team really did their best. In our impulse, we opened new directions that made it possible to implement all of the points listed above.

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